The former White Castle at 3600 East Lake Street has been undergoing a transformation during the past month or so. At the end of this week, the construction fence came down; now cartons, furniture, and balloons fill the inside, while signs announce the opening, new jobs for the community, and an impending drive thru at... Continue Reading →

It was a perfect day for a bicycle ride, with MInnehaha Falls Park and the Stevens House in the background Photo: Jane Strauss

Exactly nine months ago, I photographed the Happy Face Space, and heard the hopes and dreams of Evan-Amos and Nichole Smith for the tiny building, revived after a March fire. Things change, life, happens, and today, a "for sale" sign graces the roof of the partially-renovated building while Nichole puts together textiles, art and household... Continue Reading →

Ladies’ BBQ

July 4th is known as a time when families get together and barbeque is the order of the day. Every grill and table at Longfellow Park was fully occupied, and all were having a marvelous time. Britani and Vanessa tended the hot dogs and brats, while their mom, Anissa, looked on. Photo: Jane Strauss

S.A.D. – Seasonally Artistic Dynamics

Anita White,, one of the founding members of LoLA, has been experimenting with  ehtereal, dynamic ice sculptures this winter and displaying them in her front yard. From a "lab" in the back yard, she mixes colors, adds textures, and freezes blocks which, once they are liberated from their molds, sublimate, enlarge with added snow,  or melt... Continue Reading →

Polar Interaction

That "Jolly old elf" is taking a rare opportunity to interact with a penguin from the opposite pole, and it's in Longfellow! Peace on Earth, good will to all! Photo: Jane Strauss

Holiday of Lights

An electric menorah is seen in the front window of a Longfellow home. Hanukkah, the holiday of lights, celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, freedom of conscience, the rededication of the ancient Jewish temple in Jerusalem after the Roman occupiers had de-sanctified it, and, legend says, a miracle resulting in a small bottle of oil... Continue Reading →

Sprucing up for the Holidays

The Minnesota School of Barbering, at 3615 East Lake Street, still offers a full service haircut for only seven dollars (cash only).  The School has been training barbers for close to thirty years, and is one of only three such schools in Minnesota with full accreditation. Peggy Schmidt is extremely knowledgeable, and often can be seen... Continue Reading →

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