Longfellow365 Expands Mission​

Longfellow365 is expanding our mission of Community Photography adding new content in 2021

Longfellow365 is a public service offering daily views of and updates on the Greater Longfellow Community composed of the Cooper, Hiawatha, Howe, and Longfellow neighborhoods in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Community-based photographers, artists, creatives, and other contributors cover everyday sites, scenes, and stories shared on a freely available web site with Creative Commons licensing for noncommercial use.

looking over autumn leaves on the ground, up a leaf-covered stone staircase with a person standing at the topThe year 2020 was challenging for us all in Longfellow, and as unlucky as our Year Seven of L365 (2014-2020) seemed in some ways, we were lucky to have had each other in our extended Community here of neighbors, friends, associates, and so many others. We’ve put much on hold and are rethinking what’s normal or even possible these days.

Longfellow365 enters the new year with renewed hope for our neighborhood and beyond. We’ll preserve our 7-year archive of daily photographs, we’ll look back over 2020 to review what’s happened adding new content and insight, and we’ll share our pictures and stories of Greater Longfellow throughout 2021.

L365 is created by and for the Greater Longfellow Community.

Remember 2020?

panel of 12 photograhs
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