Longfellow365 is a community service offering daily views and updates in the Greater Longfellow neighborhood composed of the Cooper, Hiawatha, Howe, and Longfellow neighborhoods in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Volunteer photographers, artists, creatives, and other contributors cover everyday sites, scenes, and stories shared on a freely available web site with Creative Commons licensing for noncommercial use.

Longfellow365 refrains from posting images with explicit commercial, political, or religious solicitations; graffiti; and any content that may be seen as offensive, violent, illegal or otherwise objectionable as determined by the editors.

Longfellow365 entered this year 2021 with both trepidation and hope. The past year 2020 brought many challenges to our community as well as around the country and world at large. While we lost some momentum of former funding and volunteer support—we still commit to providing a community portal for everyday sights and insights seen and witnessed in our community.

We’ll preserve our 7-year archive of daily photographs, we’ll look back over 2020 to review what’s happened adding new content and insight, and we’ll share our pictures and stories of Greater Longfellow throughout 2021.