Location: 3161 Hiawatha Ave. Longtime Longfellow business, Acme Foundry, molds custom metal parts for general use. In this part of the foundry they use green sand molds to make various parts such as the metal clamps that are used on all Minneapolis street signs as well as liners for all city manhole covers. It's a... Continue Reading →

Trains take their time while autos wait. Photo: Jean Des Marais

For some, Memorial Day BBQ plans were stopped in their tracks due to the weather. Photo: Joseph Williams

A new cub on the other end of the community will soon be open for business. Photo: Jack Musil.

What's the future of this recently purchased substation? Photo: Anduz Johnson

Minnesota Central Railway at 42nd Avenue in Hiawatha. Photo: Ashley Yellick

Walk commuters pause as the train goes by at Lake and Hiawatha. Photo: Paul Rasmussen

A hawk (possibly a red-tailed hawk) found hunting along the Greenway Bike Trail near 28th Street and Hiawatha Avenue. Photo: Ashley Yellick

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