Ricardo Levins Morales' work is vital to ensuring communities stay strong. Photo: Jean Des Marais

For some reason walking around in the rain to find this picture brought up some old memories.  Memories of camping with my Boy Scout troop once a month. Unfortunately I haven’t been in a few years due to me choosing to work instead, but still I’m glad for when I did. Photo: Joseph Williams

Artist and 3rd time participant in the League of Longfellow Artists Art Crawl, Karen Grimm, repurposes items to create art. Site #51. The art crawl has been going on since 2009. http://lolaartcrawl.com/ Photo: Trica Leland

Location: Trylon Cinema - 2820 E 33rd St. Phil Vandervaart and his assistant are painting a new sign as part of the Trylon Cinema's renovation. Phil's work is all over the twin cities, including Longfellow (Moon Palace Books is one example). Find out more here: https://signpainterphil.wordpress.com/. Trylon's Grand Reopening is September 22. (Tip o' the lens-cap to... Continue Reading →

Mae is a sculpture/protest symbol that's been adorning the streetlight outside 3337 47th Ave S. She has an American flag for a coat, a pink wrap for a hat, and high heels for ears. She's the work of many of the local neighbors who say she's been standing there for at least the last 11... Continue Reading →

Art seen along the Midtown Greenway Bike Trail (near 27th Street East and 34th Avenue South). Photo: Ashley Yellick

Signs are popping up around the neighborhood for this weekend's LoLa Art Crawl, presented by the League of Longfellow Artists. Check out the artists' work and and plan your route at http://www.lolaartcrawl.com. Photo: Kristen Lancaster

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