Catching Up with the Neighbor-ladies

Location: 35th Avenue South between 35th and 36th Streets East

When looking for a house 18 years ago, I had an ideal in my mind’s eye as to what my home and neighborhood would be like. I wanted to move into the neighborhood of my childhood experience – right out of the (ahem!) 60s and 70s. I wanted to be able to run across the street for two eggs; I wanted to know who was across the street. I wanted that experience that when I needed a tool, a mower, a shovel…I could run two houses over to borrow. I wanted to wake up to 12 inches of snow and be pleasantly surprised that my front shoveling was taken care of already, and I wanted to be that person who while shoveling, she just keeps going and shovels her neighbor’s. I wanted to hear someone yell my name in greeting as they walked their dog by my house. I wanted to stand in the middle of the street chatting up the neighbors while cars are driving past trying not to hit us. I wanted to know, like, and care for my neighbors and I wanted to feel that back. When I told my realtor what I was looking for, he told me I was being too specific. I stumbled across this neighborhood, but I got what I was looking for!

When it’s time to connect with the ‘neighbor-ladies’ across the street for an afternoon break to talk politics, neighborhood news, catch up after vacation (or a long winter), that involves a tea party with Miss CeCe and her mom! She has much to say, much to share, and happily participates with mom-Pati and me.

It’s just like it was when I was a kid.

Photo: Jean Des Marais

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