Strange Boutique, 3458 Minnehaha Avenue Sometimes I walk or drive by and catch a view of a disembodied lower torso, or a doll with a weird hat or shirt on, or a stuffed animal that disturbingly looks like my late dog...and it gives me pause.  Other times I see weird disembodied lower torsos and retro... Continue Reading →

Location: 4057 – 42nd Avenue South, or 4200 – 41st Street East, #101 There is so little to tell. I watched as this property changed over time a few years back with speculation and wonder. I heard many things – most intriguing, an art gallery – but I haven’t a clue. We all talked when... Continue Reading →

Location: 29th Avenue South and the Greenway A few weeks ago I complained about how hot it was; this morning at 10AM, it was fast approaching 90 degrees and humidity exceeding 74 degrees.  It was gross (still is!). These guys.  There they were, working to put in a bump or a diversion or some such... Continue Reading →

Location: 31st Avenue and the Midtown Greenway Okay, let's address the elephant in the room: No. I do not believe you must be under 3 foot, 7 inches to pass under the Greenway bridge and enter Longfellow. It's reminiscent of a Midway ride at the State Fair: You must be this tall...​ This is facing... Continue Reading →

Location: Minneapolis Police Department, Third Precinct 3000 Minnehaha Avenue Shun Tillman is Longfellow’s Crime Prevention Specialist (CPS). He is a Longfellow neighbor by way of the 3rd Precinct, located on the corner of Lake and Minnehaha.  CPS’ are assigned sectors; his sector is the 4th which not only includes Longfellow-greater, but Seward. He’s been in... Continue Reading →

Trains take their time while autos wait. Photo: Jean Des Marais

The Hub gives and takes bicycles, even those with a long family history. Photo: Jean Des Marais

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