A Selfie in a Christmas Tree


I have thoroughly enjoyed being the Friday Photographer for Longfellow365 for the past year! This photography project has truly been an unexpected gift in many ways.

Over the past year, I have learned to look at things differently – to find beauty where it isn’t immediately evident; to find something interesting and colorful on a cloudy or rainy day. I have learned that when I am behind the camera on a project, I will walk up and talk to just about anyone to chat and ask if I can take their picture. I have learned how to use my camera’s aperture setting pretty well and can blur out backgrounds or turn cars into light streams.

I have met wonderful business owners and friendly people, and have learned things about Longfellow that I didn’t know – which is difficult because I’ve lived in Longfellow my whole life!

Merry Christmas!

Photo: Sue Romain

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