Self Portrait, Saturday’s Photographer, Stacy Quast

To me Longfellow is the people and community (and of course the beautiful trails and parks). I’ve had fun getting to know more people in my community and have interesting conversations with people in the neighborhood.

It was exciting to give a shout out to small business owners and learn about more community events in the area. I’ve learned the importance of always carrying my camera with me on my day because you never know when you will see your shot. It has been fun and memorable to be apart of this first year and see the awareness of the project and support grow and grow.

Photo: Stacy Quast

“America has done a lot for me”


Edward Crumly has chosen to celebrate the season in an unique and unusual way with lights on his front lawn of an animated alligator, American flag and wreath. The flag is hung on a repurposed mattress frame. I asked him about the story behind his lights and he said he liked the idea of a completely random Christmas decor like an alligator. When asked about why specifically the flag, he said that he was grateful for everything that the country has done.

Photo: Stacy Quast

Meet Leif Nestingen


Leif Nestingen is my neighbor and has been the owner of RRR Construction since 1980. I spoke with him recently about his work and being a small business owner in the neighborhood. He has lived in the Howe neighborhood since 2007. His favorite things about living in the area are the central location and that it is quiet. The RRR in his company name stands for Remodeling-Room additions-Rehabing. In the late 1970’s he bought a building in St. Paul that needed a lot of work. He found that he really liked doing the work on the building, and built his business from there. He works year around in many of the nearby neighborhoods. “Winter time is a nice time to redo your basement,” said Leif.

Photo: Stacy Quast

Ricardo Levins Morales


Phenomenal artist/activist Ricardo Levins Morales art studio was open this weekend for his 5 year anniversary at his Minnehaha location. His work symbolizes speaking the truth, equal rights for all people, and communities working together to create social change. This is the heart and soul of the people in the Longfellow neighborhood.

Check him out on Facebook and on his website.

Photo: Stacy Quast