Eric and his daughter Koko head down the alley to walk the few short blocks to Dowling Garden to work on their garden plot. Photo: Patty Day  

This is me, Patty Day, the Tuesday photographer for this year's project, with my two sidekicks, Henry and Katherine. They've been with me on many, many of my shoots this year and are always on the look out for interesting things for me to capture while we're out and about in Longfellow. Capturing real moments... Continue Reading →

The remnants of plates of cookies adorn a table at the end of a local cookie exchange party. Photo: Patty Day  

A mural painted by local artist, Erik Pearson, portraying Henry Longfellow, Minnehaha Falls. and Minnesota baseball, spans the back wall of Longfellow's Blue Door restaurant on 42nd Avenue. The outside wall of the booth below proudly displays photos of those who have consumed enough burgers to fill up their Blue Door punch card and earn... Continue Reading →

A pedestrian waits in the light rain for the crosswalk at the intersection of Lake Street and 27th Avenue, a hub of commercial business in Longfellow. Photo: Patty Day

Paige, one of three teenage girls in her family, takes her turn shoveling the sidewalk in front of her family's house during a break in the snow. Photo: Patty Day

A house in the Howe neighborhood of Longfellow has taken advantage of the warmer fall weather to put up their holiday lights. The festive display is a welcome sight, now that the days are getting dark earlier. Photo: Patty Day

As my family arrived home this afternoon, we witnessed a small raccoon scaling the large tree in our alley neighbor's backyard. The kids were thrilled, the raccoon  mildly interested, and the neighbor forewarned. Photo: Patty Day

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