You never can tell what you might find walking down Longfellow alleys! Dog licks cat, cat licks gnome! Photo: Megan Longtine-Jones

Location: 36th Ave and Lake St. Check out the new mural on Elsa's House of Sleep. Photo: Paul Rasmussen  

A mural painted by local artist, Erik Pearson, portraying Henry Longfellow, Minnehaha Falls. and Minnesota baseball, spans the back wall of Longfellow's Blue Door restaurant on 42nd Avenue. The outside wall of the booth below proudly displays photos of those who have consumed enough burgers to fill up their Blue Door punch card and earn... Continue Reading →

Jamie and Sadie pose in front of the "Welcome to Longfellow" mural behind the Riverview Theater. They live just down the block from the theater, and Sadie is especially enthusiastic when theatergoers walk past the house smelling like popcorn. Photo: Jake Mohan

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