Location: Brackett Park - 2728 39th Ave T'ai Chi expert and Longfellow resident Jeremy Hubble working out in Brackett Park Friday night with a sword. He says T'ai Chi practice can include different weapons. Photo: Rick Fuentes

Location: Brackett Park The Bakken Trio added a player to perform string quartets at Brackett Park. Props and audience participation, along with superb musicianship, held the interest of the mostly young audience. The green wig on the 2nd violin player is meant to resemble the hair of the contemporary composer whose work they are performing.... Continue Reading →

Location: Brackett Park - 2728 S 39th Ave Athletes of the southside Minneapolis team of the Police Activities League practice in Brackett Park Friday night.  These 14-18 year-olds all come from the Little Earth community.  The 2016 season was their first time in the PAL organized league, and they finished 2nd in the city.  This... Continue Reading →

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