Spring is Here!

20180427desmarais (2)

Location: 35th Avenue South between 35th and 36th Streets

Did you see it?? We had our first spring storm! Well, sort of.  It spritzed.  But it made an effort!  It was right at that sweet time when the sun begins to set (officially, the sun is setting at 8:15 PM! We have 14 hours of sun).  Looking west I could see the yellowish-grey sunset-light and the appearance of rainfall.  I could SMELL rain.  I am told there was a pretty spectacular rainbow. I didn’t see that.  But this is always my best view of the sunsets and storm skies – the east! The neighbors’ houses get painted with the warm setting sun and since the trees have not leaved out, well the view is dramatic! The ‘storm’ moved past to the east; behind it were blue skies mixed with large clouds moving quickly with the help of the wind (and leaves!).  The aspen looked like a lightning bolt at first!  This view is only available for a short time until the trees bring on their foliage. The big tree to the right is already red with buds.  It’s happening, folks! I am pretty sure we won’t get anymore snow.  I think it’s safe to say, Spring is here!

Photo: Jean Des Marais

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