A Splash of Color!

Location: Howe Elementary School, 3733 – 43rd Avenue South

I know it’s spring — Passover starts tonight; Easter is this weekend; spring hit about a week ago on the calendar; meteorologic spring was 30 days ago — all good things…but, dang! I just don’t FEEL it!

I awoke and was thrilled to see the sun. I pulled it together, hopped in the car and headed for one of my spots I want to shoot, that needs sun. In minutes, the sun was gone and, goll darnit, there were snow flurries. I looked around and saw nasty, dirty, snow-mounds and debris — hibernating lawns that look like they will never turn green again and dried leaves that didn’t make it to the compost. All creativity was lost. I turned around to drive home with hope of inspiration.

As I drove past Howe School, I gasped! Did I see color? Is it possible?? I circled the block and came back and saw this.

We Minnesotans are hearty folk; we put up with a lot. We ice fish, and play hockey — even on backyard rinks. We go to art shows on frozen Lake Harriet. We skijorn, cross country ski, snow-shoe, and of course — snowmobile. We do whatever it takes to get outdoors and in the snow. But when the snow is nearly gone and frankly, needs to go, and the sun just doesn’t come out — even a colorful playground set fills you up and gets you through one more day!

Hopefully, Howe school will not be too concerned about the lady sitting in her SUV, staring at the playground set for the next few weeks. It’s just me, craving color.

Photo: Jean Des Marais

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