Live Forever June


Location: West River Parkway near the train bridge.

Photo: Kevin Venerus

From the Star Tribune, November 4 2017:

Lock & Dam No. 1


Location: 5000 West River Parkway
The 30-foot damn was completed in 1917 and provides water depths necessary to maintain a 9 and 1/2 foot channel from St. Paul to Minneapolis. It is located at mile 848 of the Mississippi River and is one of 29 locks and dams that provide a water “stairway” from Minneapolis to the Gulf of Mexico. The dam is currently operated by Brookfield Power Company.

Photo: Ashley Yellick

Where did all the oak trees go?

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Location: 36th St. and West River Pkwy

This spot at the top of Giggling Hills was filled with oak saplings just a few weeks ago.
Park management must be thinning it out so the mature trees can thrive. A great place to go for a walk in the neighborhood that over looks the Mississippi River.

Photo: Trica Leland