Location: 41st and 45th Love seeing all the pollinators! Now that the hostas are flowering, the bees seem busier than ever going from one flower to the next. One if my favorite thing about the Longfellow neighborhood is the commitment to our environment. I see it daily on walks. Monarch Waystation signs, milkweed, pollinator friendly... Continue Reading →

Stick Fort in the Seven Oaks Oval. Seven Oaks Oval is a tiny park in the Howe neighborhood: https://www.minneapolisparks.org/parks__destinations/parks__lakes/triangles__other_tiny_parks/ Photo: René Rosengren

Ap-pear-antly a new pear tree has been found. Photo: Jinjer Stanton

A mallard couple hanging out in the backwaters of the Mississippi River. Photo: Ashley Yellick

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