The Past Uncovered, the Future…….??

The SW corner of 40th Ave. and Lake Street, under remodel by developer Julius Jaeger DeRoma of Clubhouse Jäger in the North Loop, reveals a once gem of a corner dairy store. Ken and Jack’s had frozen meats and no doubt the rest of a local dairy store’s offerings. Video Lease, one of the last of the dvd and video rental shops other than Redbox in the area, used to be at 3927 until recently. What is the future for this site? Plans unknown but 3931 to 3927 Lake Street have recently been permitted by developer DeRoma and work inside is ongoing. A peek in the window revealed nicely preserved, yet unfinished, wood floors. DeRoma now holds developments at Lyn-Lake with ground level retail space and living space above as well as Clubhouse Jäger a trendy bar in the North Loop. Whatever will be, East Lake St. is forever changing!

Photo: Megan Longtine-Jones