Location: The Hook & Ladder Theater 3010 Minnehaha Ave S There was something for everyone at this music and art festival - and didn't everyone know it, by the looks of the sellout crowd! There was a long line, even at 2pm, waiting to get in. This shot was taken peeking through some sunflowers at the first... Continue Reading →

Japanese beetles are here whether you like them or not. Really, who likes them? Photo: Whitney Hauser

Location: 3800 42nd Ave S The World Cup only comes around every four years - and sadly, this time around, the US didn't qualify. Fans aren't letting that get in the way - there are viewing parties all over the Cities. We've got a couple right here in Longfellow - and the biggest screen of all... Continue Reading →

A highlight from Longfellow Garage Sale weekend. Photo: Whitney Hauser

A weird spring still yields pretty plants. Photo: Whitney Hauser

What a difference a difference in seasons makes! Photo: Whitney Hauser

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