While I don't really like to eat kale all that much, it is a really interesting plant to look at. It's also nice to that the raised garden beds are producing quite a bit of food. Photo: Joseph Williams

Bridges have stood at this location just north of the Princess Depot in Minnehaha Park since 1865, when the Milwaukee Road first connected the Twin Cities to the national railroad network. Trains travelled south from downtown Minneapolis, through Minnehaha Park, and across a bridge near Pike Island to downtown St. Paul. This was the only... Continue Reading →

We planted our Bali Cherry tree three years ago. Not a very common sight in the Longfellow neighborhood, but they are hardy in our climate. Their cherries are wonderful for making pies, tarts, crumbles, etc... Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

Location: 3161 Hiawatha Ave. Longtime Longfellow business, Acme Foundry, molds custom metal parts for general use. In this part of the foundry they use green sand molds to make various parts such as the metal clamps that are used on all Minneapolis street signs as well as liners for all city manhole covers. It's a... Continue Reading →

Location: Minnehaha falls Regional Park - MPRB Longfellow Gardens Today was a great day too walk my dog. Not too hot and not too rainy. Photo: Joseph Williams

For some, Memorial Day BBQ plans were stopped in their tracks due to the weather. Photo: Joseph Williams

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