Bridges have stood at this location just north of the Princess Depot in Minnehaha Park since 1865, when the Milwaukee Road first connected the Twin Cities to the national railroad network. Trains travelled south from downtown Minneapolis, through Minnehaha Park, and across a bridge near Pike Island to downtown St. Paul. This was the only... Continue Reading →

Location: Minnehaha Falls Two wheels good, but four wheels better when you’re biking to the falls for some summer respite al fresco. Photo: Guthrie Byard

This statue of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow stands on the slope between Longfellow Gardens and the lagoon above Minnehaha Falls. It and the nearby Longfellow House are the last vestiges of the original Longfellow Gardens. Unfortunately the hands are no longer attached. An interesting account of the travels of the left hand can be found in... Continue Reading →

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