This statue of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow stands on the slope between Longfellow Gardens and the lagoon above Minnehaha Falls. It and the nearby Longfellow House are the last vestiges of the original Longfellow Gardens. Unfortunately the hands are no longer attached. An interesting account of the travels of the left hand can be found in... Continue Reading →

Surreys all lined up ready to go at Minnehaha Falls Park. Photo: Carri Musil 

On few occasions do you get this many choices for parking on a Saturday at 2:00pm at the dog park lot at Minnehaha Falls. Photo: Trica Leland

As temperatures rise slightly for a short while, adventurers come out to play on the snow and ice. Everyone in Longfellow knows Minnehaha Falls, but there are those who try to get to know it a little closer. Photo: Ashley Yellick

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