Location: Midtown Greenway and 28th Ave S. Cyclists still rode the Midtown Greenway to work during a chilly day in May. Photo: Rick Fuentes  

A cyclist rocks and rolls through Brackett Park at the end of the day Friday on a warm spring evening. Photo: Rick Fuentes

Art seen along the Midtown Greenway Bike Trail (near 27th Street East and 34th Avenue South). Photo: Ashley Yellick

A hawk (possibly a red-tailed hawk) found hunting along the Greenway Bike Trail near 28th Street and Hiawatha Avenue. Photo: Ashley Yellick

Midtown Greenway's “Shoes and Benches”. Public Art by Greg Ingraham & Teri Kwant. Photo: Liza Davitch

There are some pretty amazing outdoor spaces to explore in the Longfellow neighborhood. The crows were very busy on the Midtown Greenway this afternoon. Photo: Emily Harris

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