Location: Longfellow Park - 3435 36th Ave Photo: Guthrie Byard Longfellow Park was recently given an updated sign on the southwest corner of the park. It’s only a small part of the improvements the park will see in the coming months. Next year will see a major overhaul to the playground with construction to begin... Continue Reading →

Location: Longfellow Park When crows start massing in Longfellow Park at dusk, you know winter is coming. Photo: Martin Schub

Location: Longfellow Park An unidentified runner does wind sprints in Longfellow Park on Friday afternoon just as the big flakes came down. Photo: Rick Fuentes

Family takes to the playground equipment at sunset in Longfellow Park. Photo: Rick Fuentes

Location: 3435 36th Ave.  It won't be long until the thaw of these frozen footprints on field 5 at Longfellow Park.  Photo: Rick Fuentes

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