Walking the dog

Location: Minnehaha falls Regional Park – MPRB Longfellow Gardens Today was a … READ MORE

archway with vines

Longfellow Gardens

Hanging out in Longfellow Gardens. Photo: Anduz Johnson

diptych of red sumac berries and feathery white milkweed pods

Autumn Sumac & Milkweed

On this summery day I headed to the southern tip of Longfellow for autumnal finds. Photo: David Skarjune

bare trees, brown field, gray skies

Winter Garden

Seasons change and Longfellow Gardens are frozen. Photo: Anduz Johnson

white archway with pergolas as entrance to a large flower garden

Flowers Elevated

Morning walk above Highway 55… Photo: Brian Donahue

Red, black, and white butterfly atop yellow-orange flower

Tracking Monarchs

Monarch at Longfellow Gardens before migration to Mexico. Photo: Sue Romain

Several photographers facing sideways in a garden surrounded by a bridck-paved walkway

Proper Send Off

Photographing butterflies and birds before they migrate… Photo Credit: Robin Lietz

large pergola in a lush garden with flowers and greenery on a sunny day

Summer Warmth

Longfellow Gardens pergola. Photo: Chris Balck

A bee sits atop an orange-petaled flower with yellow center on a fat green stem with other flowers, greenery, and blue sky blurred in background

Bee Time

Busy at Longfellow Gardens… Photo: Sue Romain

a green bird seen from behind on a branch with beak on a bright magenta flower with green foliage in background

Lazy Bird

Hummingbird seated while feeding… Photo: Sue Romain

slender bird aloft with wings outstretched with beak going into a violet flower blossom with green leafy background

Savor the Summer

Hummingbirds fuel up… Photo: Robin Lietz