After more than 45 years, this is the year River Lake Hardware will shut its doors for good. Photo: Jack Musil

A slightly higher vantage point at the edge of Longfellow. Photo: Anduz Johnson

Martin Schub shares his experience as the 2017 Tuesday Longfellow365 photographer. Photo: Martin Schub

Location: Lake St. and 27th This building once housed Freeman's Department Store inside the Coliseum Building. It opened in 1917, and closed on 1975 with the commercial decline on Lake Street and the growth of national chains and suburban shopping. During the 70's the basement was rented to notable tenants like The Suburbs and Citizen.... Continue Reading →

Location: Urban Forage Winery and Cider House, 3016 E. Lake St. Jeff Zeitler's tap room has finally opened in Longfellow. Jeff has been a homebrewer of wine and cider for decades. He sources all his fruit locally, and the tap room has everything from a fruit-forward pear cider to a dry apple to a gin-infused cider.... Continue Reading →

Location: Repair Lair, 3304 E. Lake St. Repair and consignment of outdoor gear and clothing. Recently, Repair Lair got a write-up in Outdoor Magazine, which called it “the coolest gear repair shop in the U.S.” Photo: Kevin Venerus

Location: E. Lake St. & 39th Ave S. Snow and rain made for a shiny night on Lake Street. Photo: Rick Fuentes

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