I love to see this every year! Anyone who works at the Lake St. DQ and is graduating from high school gets their name posted. Always neighborhood kids. It is great! Photo: Megan Longtine-Jones

Ice cream truck season feels very far away on this cold and blustery April day. Photo: Emily Harris

Share the River Gorge Ice Cream Social Invite

The 11th Annual Share the River Gorge Ice Cream Social and Canoe Ride event is Wednesday, July 29th, from 6-8pm. There will be free ice cream, guided canoe rides from Wilderness Inquiry, and tours of the Oak Savannah, in addition to Longfellow Community Council information, merchandise, and community resource tables. This is a great event... Continue Reading →

Waiting for the bus

On a beautiful spring day, Adella (17 months) and Eli (6) wait with their mom for the bus. Their destination? Izzy's Ice Cream. Residents of Seward, they had walked and scootered through the Brackett tunnel to catch a bus on East Lake St at 39th Ave S. Photo: Hillary Oppmann

As a sure sign of Spring, I'm so glad it's open. Over the years of travelling for business, I have been to most of the Dairy Queens in the Midwest and we are lucky to have the most efficient, friendliest and all around best one right here in Longfellow. Photo taken by Robert Ball

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