The Longfellow Lights Committee is group of people that have been going around giving awards to people that show lots of holiday spirit!

Location:  3152 45th Ave S. Rich and Lolly (with their 2 year-old grandson) just finished decorating their enormous tree using poles to place ornaments and lights as high as two stories up. Soon as they were done, Longfellow neighbors came over to check it out. Photo: Rick Fuentes  

Four houses on 30th Ave at 34th St have put together this light display. They are taking food donations through the 21st of December to be given to local food shelves. Photo: Tom Russell

Remnants of a “Blue” Christmas

Christmas bulbs are still hanging from a tree in a front yard on Edmund Boulevard. Hints of a great sunset are in the background through the trees while the bulb reflects the sidewalk and river road. I love the trees of Longfellow but they don't allow for very good sunset photography! Photo: Sue Romain

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