Longfellow365 Lunch


Megan, Emily, and Kristen, three of the regular Longfellow365 photographers this year, gathered at Gandhi Mahal Restaurant- Minneapolis MN, along with myself, for a lunch to review the first 6 months of our work. I took this photo of them in front of the restaurant before we went our separate ways to take photos. We’ll each submit our favorite photo from the day and post on Facebook tomorrow.

Photo: Guthrie Byard

Art in Progress


I notice the area behind Gandhi Mahal, El Nuevo Rodeo, Le Town Talk Diner, T’s Place, and the other businesses near the corner of 27th Ave and Lake St., whenever I park in the backlot of the East Lake Library. I always find myself staring at the wires, piping, HVAC units, and various nooks and crannies as if I was examining an abstract painting, possibly a cubist. I find something new in each viewing as if it was a work of art in progress.

Photo: Guthrie Byard