Sign hanging on plywood with red and black 3D letter blocks spelling "BIG GEORGE"

Big George

Remembering George Floyd. Photo: Chris Balck

Chalked letters on two sidewalk segments: Say His Name & George Floyd

Say His Name

George Floyd. Photo: David Skarjune

four large colorful murals of a black man's face in a grass yard with a sign reading "Justice for George Floyd"

Summer of George

Reminders of injustice stand tall… Photo: Robin Lietz

Sunlight illuminates a beautifully painted mural of George Floyd. The paint colors... all shades of blue.

Justice Now Peace

A mural of George Floyd—painted in beautiful shades of blue on LV’s Barbershop’s … READ MORE

Last year on this day, aa large apartment building still under construction burned in the riots after George Floyd's death. Two women point to the smoldering devastation as two fireman point the other direction.

One Year Ago

A milestone passes in Minneapolis, marking the anniversary of the George Floyd protests

We Remember

A new display of artwork was briefly added to the 3rd Precinct.