Patio Party Rain Out

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Location: Longfellow Grill

Longfellow Grill, throughout the warmer months. has monthly patio parties. They have a different craft beer vendor and great street food, along with live music. Family friendly, dog friendly and so much fun! Unfortunately, tonight for the first time in patio party history, it was rained out. If you’ve never been, check it out. Longfellow Grill is a great neighbor!

Photo: Carri Musil

Protecting Pollinators


Like many people in the neighborhood who Save the pollinators, make people aware of the issues with bees and Chard Your Yard, I discovered how interesting and fun it is to find the little monarch eggs on my milkweed. These little ones are in their 5th instar. They’ve shed their skin several times and probably within 5 days they will search out an area to pupate. I love being in a neighborhood that I see so many people caring about our pollinators.

Photo: Carri Musil