Location: 41st and 45th Love seeing all the pollinators! Now that the hostas are flowering, the bees seem busier than ever going from one flower to the next. One if my favorite thing about the Longfellow neighborhood is the commitment to our environment. I see it daily on walks. Monarch Waystation signs, milkweed, pollinator friendly... Continue Reading →

Carri Musil shares her experience photographing for Longfellow365. Photo: Carri Musil

The Longfellow Lights Committee is group of people that have been going around giving awards to people that show lots of holiday spirit!

Location: Lake St. and 27th This building once housed Freeman's Department Store inside the Coliseum Building. It opened in 1917, and closed on 1975 with the commercial decline on Lake Street and the growth of national chains and suburban shopping. During the 70's the basement was rented to notable tenants like The Suburbs and Citizen.... Continue Reading →

Location: 3738 42nd Ave The trees are ready to go at Mother Earth Garden! Photo: Carri Musil

Location: Riverview Theater The Riverview Theater was built in 1948. The Sound of Music original Broadway production opened in 1959. The movie hit the screen in 1965. Seems so appropriate for this movie to be enjoyed at the beautiful Riverview Theater in sing-along style. The Riverview has many special screenings throughout the year. Brat pack themes,... Continue Reading →

Location: 39th Avenue South & 37th Street Several houses are in the spooky spirit along this block. Photo: Carri Musil

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