Trica Leland shares her experience as the 2017 Saturday Longfellow365 photographer. Photo: Trica Leland

Two Bettys Green Cleaning Service is the newest business on the bustling Minnehaha Ave. Photo: Trica Leland

Location: 41st Ave There are so many homes in the neighborhood decorated for the holidays. There are many things to enjoy on a walk during the day, But many favor the color lights at night this time of year. Photo: Trica Leland

Location: 36th St and 41st Ave This beautiful little Cardinal stopped by to visit today to soak in some of the sunshine. Photo: Trica Leland

Location: 36th St. and West River Pkwy This spot at the top of Giggling Hills was filled with oak saplings just a few weeks ago. Park management must be thinning it out so the mature trees can thrive. A great place to go for a walk in the neighborhood that over looks the Mississippi River.... Continue Reading →

Location: 39th Street and 43rd Avenue Just another way that Longfellow residents beautify the neighborhood. Photo: Trica Leland

Location: 3524 41st Ave Maria Sanford middle school got a new edition to the school in 2017. It accommodates new class rooms and a cafeteria. Photo: Trica Leland

Location: Du Nord Craft Spirits - 2610 32nd St. For the 3rd year in a row Du Nord Craft Spirits has been the host site for the Midtown Farmers Market Fundraising event. The Market (located at 2225 E Lake street) celebrates its 15th year bringing farmers and neighbors together. Photo: Trica Leland

Location: 35th St and 46th Ave No, this near 4 foot turtle is just one of the many pieces of lawn art that can be found in the neighborhood. Photo: Trica Leland

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