Spring is coming!

Location: Lake Street and 46th Ave S. Photo: Troy Davison

Receding sidewalk

Vanishing Point

Different kinds of trees/bushes lose their leaves at different times in the year. Photo: Joseph Williams

receding gray sidewalk dusted with snow and footprints in a winter urban landscape

Morning Dust

…with people and pet tracks… people and pet tracks.

shadow of a fence with lattice work on a sidewalk with some brown grass along side

Sidewalk Shadows

…outside in the sun—finally… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

looking down at cement grid with rusty manhole cover surrounded by spray-painted red slashes

City Hieroglyphics

open to interpretation… Photo: Michele Jansen

person in winter holding a chopper with one hand high on the handle about to drop onto an icy sidewalk next to snow-covered yard with yard signs

Chop Chop

Chopping on the ice…