This is the month of spring and a time to reflect on a hard winter. Photo: Matt Schanback

The kitchen at The Howe Daily Kitchen & Bar on Minnehaha Ave. Photo: Kevin Venerus..

Location: 3032 Minnehaha Ave.   From CityPages Wednesday, October 4, 2017 by Emily Cassel    "“You’re moving again?”   That’s the reaction Jamie Schwesnedl says he’s been getting from just about all sides since last month’s announcement that his colorful little bookstore was leaving 3260 Minnehaha Ave. behind.   And to be fair, Moon Palace Books, which opened in 2012,... Continue Reading →

Location: 3721 Minnehaha Ave Following the sign for Stop #48 during the LoLa Art Crawl. Photo: Ashley Yellick

Location: 3721 Minnehaha Ave Mary Anne Rivers opened the first vintage shop on the Mile 15 years ago. She inherited this building after her husband passed away. While the items she sells don't come from Paris, she does have a Parisian theme! Photo: Carri Musil

Location: 3010 Minnehaha Avenue A large crowd gathered to enjoy the 7th annual Roots, Rock, and Deep Blues Festival hosted at The The Hook and Ladder Theater & Lounge. Photo: Trica Leland

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