Eric and his daughter Koko head down the alley to walk the few short blocks to Dowling Garden to work on their garden plot. Photo: Patty Day  

Location: 3901 46th Ave S. Gardeners at the Dowling Community Garden are awaiting and preparing for their crops to soon come to fruition. Photo: Ashley Yellick

Location: Coffey Ln. and Fowell Dr. A Tulip Garden Guarded within the old red wall’s embrace, Marshalled like soldiers in gay company, The tulips stand arrayed. Here infantry Wheels out into the sunlight. What bold grace Sets off their tunics, white with crimson lace! Here are platoons of gold-frocked cavalry, With scarlet sabres tossing in... Continue Reading →

Location: 39th St. and 46th Ave A walk through the Dowling Community Garden in anticipation for spring. The garden has been around for at least 60 years. It is a member of Minnesota Green, a program of the Minnesota State Horticultural Society which gives free seeds and plants for use in community gardens, and is... Continue Reading →

Out For an Evening Stroll

Jen and JJ take a break in their evening walk around the neighborhood to give their dog, Tank, some love. Jen is an active volunteer with the Longfellow Community Council's Advancement Committee and can be seen at many of LCC's community events, including the monthly Happy Hours, the next of which is May 27th at... Continue Reading →

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