Ford Bridge Shadow

Ford bridge casts its shadow on the Mighty Mississippi. Photo: Tom Russell

Tranquil sunset!

A serene river runs through our bustling city. Photo: Emily Davison.

from beneath shade of trees, in the distance is a bicyclist and cars approaching on a roadway

Entering Longfellow

Bike commuter crosses into Minneapolis. Photo: Dave MacCallum

receding tall cement arches

Under the Arches

Infinity of arches under the Ford Parkway Bridge. Photo: Dave MacCallum

Nighttime scene on wet roadway with gleaming yellow streetlamps, and a faint image of a figure with an umbrella overhead in the rain

Rain Man

Capping off a rainy day with more rain… Photo: Brian Donahue

Looking up river on a cloudy day with trees colored from green to yellow to orange along the banks

Yep, It’s Happening

Dramatic change in the foliage on the Mississippi River… Photo: Roxanne Dunlop

snowy night scene of park bench facing bridge lights with reflections on the water.

Peaceful Lights

…lining the Ford Bridge…. Photo: Roxanne Dunlop