Location: Dowling Community Garden We’re eager to begin our first year planting at Dowling Community Garden, but sadly winter isn’t over. Still, if you look hard you can find beauty on a snowy April day. Photo: Jon Osier

Eric and his daughter Koko head down the alley to walk the few short blocks to Dowling Garden to work on their garden plot. Photo: Patty Day  

Location: 3901 46th Ave S. Gardeners at the Dowling Community Garden are awaiting and preparing for their crops to soon come to fruition. Photo: Ashley Yellick

This and several chickens are located right by Dowling Garden. This particular chicken was pretty friendly and came right up to me. Photo: Carri Musil 

Location: Dowling Community Garden After a week of rain, community members took the opportunity to spend some time working in their garden. Photo: Carri Musil

Location: 46th Ave and 39th St. Kyle and River are Longfellow neighbors that are working their garden plot at Dowling Community Garden. Photo: Trica Leland

Location: 39th St. and 46th Ave A walk through the Dowling Community Garden in anticipation for spring. The garden has been around for at least 60 years. It is a member of Minnesota Green, a program of the Minnesota State Horticultural Society which gives free seeds and plants for use in community gardens, and is... Continue Reading →

The Dowling Community Garden is bursting with beauty right now! Photo: Emily Harris

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