A neighbor

I met a very friendly feline neighbor. Photo: Maley Neil

Tuxedo cat on box in retail shop

Feline Shop Security

This well-dressed cat kept watch on Small Business Saturday. Photo: Dan Hauser

orange and white cat peaking out of a square basket on a wooden tablet

Cozy Cat

on a dreary day… Photo: Michele Jansen

closeup of cat laying on cement looking into the camera, gray tabby

Cloudy the Cat

…supervising my photo shoot. Photo: Brian Donahue

many flowers in a garden patch with a cat looking out a window in the background

I Spy

My favorite journey… Photo: Katie Simon-Dastych

two flower pots on steps with a cat peering out through a glass door

One Last Look

Cat observes mums & cold… Photo: Michele Jansen

black and white image of laptop computer and monitor on a desk with a cat sitting in front of a screen

Work from Home

with an assistant… Photo: Chris Balck