Location: 41st and 45th Love seeing all the pollinators! Now that the hostas are flowering, the bees seem busier than ever going from one flower to the next. One if my favorite thing about the Longfellow neighborhood is the commitment to our environment. I see it daily on walks. Monarch Waystation signs, milkweed, pollinator friendly... Continue Reading →

Location: 3204 37th Ave S. Pollinators busy on the boulevard at this house across from Epworth Church. Photo: Rick Fuentes

Location: 3100 Block of 34th Avenue Goldenrod is in full bloom and that means that ragweed is in bloom as well! Achoo! Photo: Sue Romain

Melissa Hohertz-Foat's backyard urban farm, and beehive on 36th Ave. in Howe. Photo: Kevin Venerus

Bee Happy!

Ever notice that the middle of a daisy is full of flowers? That must be where the good stuff is! Photo: Sue Romain

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