Santa Fe train car and old grain elevators


I wish I had had my camera with me when I saw this on my way home from class. Photo: Joseph Williams

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large group of people in backyard with 65 on a birthday cake


There’s nothing like getting the neighborhood, friends, and family together like a birthday party! Photo: Whitney Hauser

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Ballare Teatre performing arts center sign at night

History of Dance

Kind of crazy to think my younger sister has been dancing here for 10 years, over half of her life. Photo: Joseph Williams

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feathery native grasses and chain link fencing

Chain Link Revision

Such a cool way to rethink a fence: weaving last year’s tall grass through the fence where this year’s grass is growing. Photo: Whitney Hauser

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redflowers closeup in alley

Alley Garden

On this crisp fall day, I thought I’d get a photo of the flowers while they are still alive and blooming! Photographer: Sue Romain

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