Artwork around since the early 90s still adorns the Harvest States stacks. Photo: Troy Davison

While I don't really like to eat kale all that much, it is a really interesting plant to look at. It's also nice to that the raised garden beds are producing quite a bit of food. Photo: Joseph Williams

Location: The Hook & Ladder Theater 3010 Minnehaha Ave S There was something for everyone at this music and art festival - and didn't everyone know it, by the looks of the sellout crowd! There was a long line, even at 2pm, waiting to get in. This shot was taken peeking through some sunflowers at the first... Continue Reading →

Strange Boutique, 3458 Minnehaha Avenue Sometimes I walk or drive by and catch a view of a disembodied lower torso, or a doll with a weird hat or shirt on, or a stuffed animal that disturbingly looks like my late dog...and it gives me pause.  Other times I see weird disembodied lower torsos and retro... Continue Reading →

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