Minnehaha Bone Shaker

man dressed in black pants Tshirt and baseball cap standing next to a classic tall two-wheeled bicycle in front of a large red metal container box

Location: One on One Bicycle Studio and Cafe, 4461 Minnehaha Avenue South

Derrick shows off a classic bicycle in the former Minnehaha Falls Nursery lot where One on One has moved in after doing business downtown for 15 years. While they’ve just set up shop this month with bikes and parts, they plan to expand their always-on coffee pot to a coffee bar and more in the future.

About the bike: Replica Ridable Hi Wheeler is a custom designed and custom made reproduction of an 1881 Dicycle. It is built closer to a Carver #1 Trike than a Dicycle, as a Dicycle had the rider low to the ground and only two wheels with the rider in between.

Photo: David Skarjune


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