Seeking Photographers

So you want to be a Longfellow365 photographer?

Join Longfellow365 for 2019

Longfellow365 is accepting applications for new photographers for 2019, both guests, and annual weekly assignments. If you live or work in the Greater Longfellow Neighborhood, and you like to explore our community with your camera, then Join Us!

No professional experience nor equipment is required—just an inquiring eye and willingness to volunteer some time and share some work in your community.

Photographer Application

5 thoughts on “Seeking Photographers

  1. I’ve been following Longfellow365 since it started and really enjoy it, both for the photos themselves and for getting to know our neighborhood better. I am very much an amateur photographer but take advantage of digital photography’s ability to take a lot of shots and then choose one that works.

  2. I am interested in the project… and realize it is photography of course..
    I am a daily drawer and have documented the Longfellow neighborhood that way..
    So if you ever entertain the idea of Documentary Drawings do let me know

    • Anita, though not part of our current charter, it’s a interesting idea, and we’ll consider that with our new Advisory Board. Not sure how it would fit on a weekly basis, but it could be a nice addition to our guest assignments.

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