Location: Howe Elementary School, 3733 - 43rd Avenue South I know it's spring -- Passover starts tonight; Easter is this weekend; spring hit about a week ago on the calendar; meteorologic spring was 30 days ago -- all good things...but, dang! I just don't FEEL it! I awoke and was thrilled to see the sun.... Continue Reading →

This is the latest set of apartments, or “lofts” in this case, to be built along Hiawatha. The light rail has brought much change to this neighborhood and none more so than new apartments throughout. Photo: Matt Schanback

Location: 4106 42nd Avenue I came upon this storefront while driving home today. The name of the place is Nova Art Space. It wasn't open but through the windows I saw some cool art. I googled it and found out it's an art day camp for kids. Photo: Jack Musil

El Norteno is a institution in Longfellow. Check them out. Photo: Emily Davison

For some reason walking around in the rain to find this picture brought up some old memories.  Memories of camping with my Boy Scout troop once a month. Unfortunately I haven’t been in a few years due to me choosing to work instead, but still I’m glad for when I did. Photo: Joseph Williams

Spring is here and The Medicine Tree is celebrating! Photo: Whitney Hauser

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