Makers Mark Patio Party at Longfellow Grill

Location: 2990 W. River Pkwy

Tonight was the final patio party of the season at Longfellow Grill. The theme for this evening was bourbon and live blues. Makers Mark supplied scarves for all the patrons sitting on the patio this windy and chilly evening. Bourbon brownies were sampled, bourbon barrel aged beer from Freehouse was poured among many other bourbon based foods.

Longfellow Grill is one of several Blue Plate restaurants. This restaurant has been a great Longfellow business, bringing together neighbors throughout the summer for their monthly patio parties for several years now. Blue Plate purchased a farm last year and they are now bringing into their restaurants their own bounty! They can even be found during the state fair at the Blue Barn.

Photo: Carri Musil

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