Despite the cold weather, the turnout was pretty good this year. It's always fun to see whole families in costume. Photo: Martin Schub

Location: 39th Avenue South & 37th Street Several houses are in the spooky spirit along this block. Photo: Carri Musil

Location: 39th Street and 43rd Avenue Just another way that Longfellow residents beautify the neighborhood. Photo: Trica Leland

Location: E. Lake St. & 39th Ave S. Snow and rain made for a shiny night on Lake Street. Photo: Rick Fuentes

Location: 3032 Minnehaha Ave.   From CityPages Wednesday, October 4, 2017 by Emily Cassel    "“You’re moving again?”   That’s the reaction Jamie Schwesnedl says he’s been getting from just about all sides since last month’s announcement that his colorful little bookstore was leaving 3260 Minnehaha Ave. behind.   And to be fair, Moon Palace Books, which opened in 2012,... Continue Reading →

Location: 44th Ave Every year, around Halloween, the whimsical folks in this dome home turn its triangular windows into jack-o'-lantern eyes. Photo: Martin Schub

Location: 2990 W. River Pkwy Tonight was the final patio party of the season at Longfellow Grill. The theme for this evening was bourbon and live blues. Makers Mark supplied scarves for all the patrons sitting on the patio this windy and chilly evening. Bourbon brownies were sampled, bourbon barrel aged beer from Freehouse was... Continue Reading →

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