Faith and Love

Location: 3244 34th Ave

Christ Church Lutheran, a historical landmark in Minneapolis, was the last completed design by Eliel Saarinen, a Finnish architect known for his work with art nouveau buildings in the early 20th century. This little “statue” is one of four located on the east wall of one of the rectangular nave structures, which are made of Mankato stone, of the church.

The Church currently undergoing preservation which is funded by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the MN Historical Society.

Photo: Ashley Yellick

Bakken Quartet at Brackett Park


Location: Brackett Park

The Bakken Trio added a player to perform string quartets at Brackett Park. Props and audience participation, along with superb musicianship, held the interest of the mostly young audience. The green wig on the 2nd violin player is meant to resemble the hair of the contemporary composer whose work they are performing.

Photo: Martin Schub