A cyclist rocks and rolls through Brackett Park at the end of the day Friday on a warm spring evening. Photo: Rick Fuentes

This basement bar is in the basement of Katie on 31st Ave. S. on the site of the old Wonderland Amusement Park. She salvaged the bar from a home in St. Paul, and put it back to together in her basement. It has been the location of many parties over the years! Photo: Kevin Venerus

Location: 2730 East 31st Street Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Longfellow is exhibiting the works of Minneapolis photographer Wing Young Huie. Huie is celebrated for capturing the complex cultural realities of American society and has graciously loaned Holy Trinity some well-known works from his collection “Lake Street USA.” The exhibit will be on display Wednesday evenings... Continue Reading →

Location: Wabun Park Picnic Area - 4655 46th Ave. The Wabun pool is waiting for warmer weather! Photo: Sue Romain

Location: 42nd Avenue and 34th Street Rain or shine or snow, one end of Longfellow to the other, we see this gentlemen out walking his dog. Photo: Carri Musil

Art seen along the Midtown Greenway Bike Trail (near 27th Street East and 34th Avenue South). Photo: Ashley Yellick

Location: 3733 43rd Ave So. These guys are warming up on the field at Howe Elementary school for the next season of Frisbee. Photo: Trica Leland

Location: 2836 33rd Ave S. Young customer gets some help holding her plate at St. Albert the Great Church's weekly Friday night fish fry. Photo: Rick Fuentes

Taken at 40th Street and 46th Avenue from an Eastbound #23 Metro Transit bus. My driver on the way home today was Mike Murphy.  Mike is a great driver.  He loves chatting with the regulars on the 23 line, which connects Uptown with Highland Park by way 38th Street and 46th Avenue South in Longfellow.... Continue Reading →

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