Location: 3725 Minnehaha Avenue The Fix Studio is a fun and engaging workout studio that works with runners and also cyclists. The Fix has been open since 2003 but in the Longfellow neighborhood since May 2010. Larry and his wife Sophie thought there was a need for a unique studio in the Twin Cities, there... Continue Reading →

Longfellow Grill is a wonderful neighborhood restaurant. During the summer months, they host monthly patio parties featuring a couple different food items and a craft brew, and live music. Kid and pet friendly! Photo: Carri Musil

A young skater is the first to burst across the ice on a sunny winter Sunday morning in Longfellow Park. Photo: David Skarjune

Folks gather together to enjoy tastefully crafted drinks at Du Nord Craft Spirits. 2610 E 32nd Street. http://www.dunordcraftspirits.com. Photo: Trica Leland  

Droplets fall down a fine glass of wine at the Riverview Cafe and Wine Bar Friday night at 3753 42nd Ave S. Photo: Rick Fuentes  

As I was driving around the neighborhood, this house with the flag perfectly Illuminated caught my eye. Photo: Carri Musil

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