Two sets of 1940s-1950s streetcar tracks with granite pavers as the track floor and mason crafted bricks for the pedestrian sidewalk uncovered from beneath the asphalt on Minnehaha Ave. as the road revamp continues. The streetcar originally ran down past Ghandi Mahal to make a connection with Lake Street. A shame the granite pavers and... Continue Reading →

Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior Photo: Tom Russell

This full moon lighting up the Mighty Mississippi is also known as a Full Buck Moon. Minnesota State Parks and Trails posted on Facebook that it's named for the antlers that bucks are beginning to grow. It's also sometimes called the Thunder Moon or the Hay Moon. The latter named for farmers who getting their... Continue Reading →

Megan, Emily, and Kristen, three of the regular Longfellow365 photographers this year, gathered at Gandhi Mahal Restaurant- Minneapolis MN, along with myself, for a lunch to review the first 6 months of our work. I took this photo of them in front of the restaurant before we went our separate ways to take photos. We'll each... Continue Reading →

The Dowling Community Garden is bursting with beauty right now! Photo: Emily Harris

The tree in the back with ever present orange paint had bark samples removed for disease testing. Came back positive and another one bites the dust. Lucky the bigger one in the front is in no danger yet. Photo: Megan Longtine-Jones

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