I've loved being the Thursday photographer for 2015. Somehow it worked out that I got to take the first and last photos of the year, a special honor. As we close the books on 2015 I just want to say thank you, and may the Force be with you and those you love in... Continue Reading →

  I am Julia Anderson, the Wednesday photographer, with my trusty assistant, Ginger. It was a delight to find and share the Wednesday photo! Thank you Longfellow! Photo: Julia Anderson 

This is me, Patty Day, the Tuesday photographer for this year's project, with my two sidekicks, Henry and Katherine. They've been with me on many, many of my shoots this year and are always on the look out for interesting things for me to capture while we're out and about in Longfellow. Capturing real moments... Continue Reading →

I have thoroughly enjoyed being the Friday Photographer for Longfellow365 for the past year! This photography project has truly been an unexpected gift in many ways. Over the past year, I have learned to look at things differently - to find beauty where it isn't immediately evident; to find something interesting and colorful on a cloudy or... Continue Reading →

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