Last Submission!


This is me, Patty Day, the Tuesday photographer for this year’s project, with my two sidekicks, Henry and Katherine. They’ve been with me on many, many of my shoots this year and are always on the look out for interesting things for me to capture while we’re out and about in Longfellow.

Capturing real moments and creating a stronger sense of community have been my goals during the project this year and I have been thrilled to be a part of it. It has given me the chance to look at our neighborhood with a different eye and to meet many new folks and experience new places. What an amazing community we live in!

Photo: Patty Day

A Selfie in a Christmas Tree


I have thoroughly enjoyed being the Friday Photographer for Longfellow365 for the past year! This photography project has truly been an unexpected gift in many ways.

Over the past year, I have learned to look at things differently – to find beauty where it isn’t immediately evident; to find something interesting and colorful on a cloudy or rainy day. I have learned that when I am behind the camera on a project, I will walk up and talk to just about anyone to chat and ask if I can take their picture. I have learned how to use my camera’s aperture setting pretty well and can blur out backgrounds or turn cars into light streams.

I have met wonderful business owners and friendly people, and have learned things about Longfellow that I didn’t know – which is difficult because I’ve lived in Longfellow my whole life!

Merry Christmas!

Photo: Sue Romain