Music at Merlin’s Rest


Stumbled on this wonderful folksinger tonight at Merlin’s Rest on Lake Street. Amanda Standalone played songs from her debut solo album, Trouble. Originally from Fargo, she lives in Georgetown, MN (pop. 130). In addition to guitar she plays washtub bass, fiddle, accordion, and piano. She’ll be back at Merlin’s on Thursday, September 3rd. For details see or

Photo: Hillary Oppmann

Share the River Gorge Ice Cream Social Invite


The 11th Annual Share the River Gorge Ice Cream Social and Canoe Ride event is Wednesday, July 29th, from 6-8pm. There will be free ice cream, guided canoe rides from Wilderness Inquiry, and tours of the Oak Savannah, in addition to Longfellow Community Council information, merchandise, and community resource tables. This is a great event for folks of all ages – especially those with kids! The main event will be stationed at 35th Street and West River Parkway. You don’t want to miss it!

Photo: Patty Day