No Pie Charts! Only Pie! and Board Elections

The Longfellow Community Council's General Membership Meeting was held at Minnehaha Academy on April 21st. Following a community resource fair, neighbors ate pie, voted on a new LCC Board, and heard updates on the many committees and partners. Photo: Patty Day


The lovely remains from children at record store day, reminding everyone to spread peace. Photo: Isabella DiCicco

Early Blooms

The magnolias are in bloom all over the neighborhood! This photo is from a new, small bush in our front yard that was planted last fall. It helps to replace a small portion of the space that our giant old elm left when it lost its battle with Dutch Elm disease. Photo: Sue Romain


After sunshine and temps in the 70s all week, early flowering trees and shrubs are in full bloom across the neighborhood. The glory of this pink magnolia next to the bright green of the willow just shouts, spring is here! Photo: Hillary Oppmann

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