S.A.D. – Seasonally Artistic Dynamics

Anita White, http://www.etsy.com/shop/anitawhite, one of the founding members of LoLA, has been experimenting with  ehtereal, dynamic ice sculptures this winter and displaying them in her front yard. From a "lab" in the back yard, she mixes colors, adds textures, and freezes blocks which, once they are liberated from their molds, sublimate, enlarge with added snow,  or melt... Continue Reading →

Trylon screening of 2014 Longfellow365 photos

Wing Young Huie is photographed in the lower left-hand corner viewing one of the 365 photos on display at the event. Wing spoke to the crowd about his upbringing, career, and philosophy on community photography. Check out his work here: http://www.wingyounghuie.com/ Photo: Hillary Oppmann

Do Good

A sign outside Parkway Pizza on Minnehaha Avenue shares the total raised for local schools last year by the restaurant. Photo: Patty Day

New moon

A new moon seen over a spruce around 35th & 40th. Spring will be here, officially, at least, with the next one. Photo: Maley Neil

Over the River to Longfellow

This picture was taken from the St. Paul side of the Lake Street bridge. It is literally over the river to get to Longfellow (and through the woods if you're at the river level!). I just love the trail of lights that lead to our neighborhood. Photo: Sue Romain

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